Your Application Could Not Be Approved.

On this occasion we won’t be able to offer you finance.

We understand that it can be disappointing to have an application for credit to be unsuccessful. Below is some information to explain how we have reached our decision.

To start with we have used all the information that you supplied in your application and information supplied by a credit reference agency to give our underwriters the information they need to make a decision.

As responsible lenders, our underwriters take into account your personal circumstances to decide the appropriate level of credit to offer you. They use your credit score to help them do this. Credit scoring takes into account information provided directly by you and any information they may hold about you already.

We have a commitment to act responsibly in facilitating credit to customers. Our underwriters look at how customers meet their various debt repayments together with the total level of debt, including available credit on cards. Their decision is based on the level of risk calculated for each applicant.