Manufactured here by Cellar Marine Aquatics, Nexus is used here and by hundreds of our very happy customers.

Its a superior Po4 remover, completely reef safe and acts fast !

Nexus on impact with water initiates a bond between calcium and phosphate to instantly trap and lock away phosphate. On impact Nexus will create a foggy appearance and this is the reaction showing you that phosphates are being locked away. This will clear up normally within 20 minutes.

Once phosphate has been locked away it will remain insoluble until removed by mechanical filtration. Nexus is completely reef safe and will not harm inverts, corals or any aquatic life.

Nexus offers you a quick, simple and unique way to remove phosphates instantly without the need for any additional reactors , skimmers or equipment.

Nexus comes in a 250ml bottle with a measuring cup and each 5ml dose in 100L will reduce your phosphates by 0.05ppm.

Below are some pictures to show you the results of Nexus.

Picture 1 : On impact you can see the phosphate being locked away

Picture 2 : 130 litre tank tested on a Hanna Checker prior to dosing Nexus

Picture 3 : 130 litre tank tested on a Hanna Checker 25 minutes after 6ml of Nexus was added

Pictures 4 & 5 : Phosphate tests done on a customers reef tank using Salifert test kits before and after Nexus added