Terms & Conditions

Pricing & Contract Of Sale

Where possible all our prices are correct at the time of publishing, however sometimes mistakes are made with pricing. We reserve the right to cancel or refuse an order if a price is incorrect and a full refund for the order will be made. Once an order is despatched the contract of sale is deemed complete and the price will be honoured.

Shipping Policy

Upon placing your order you will be required to request your preferred delivery date.

Live stock orders can only be delivered on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays.

Next day delivery is only available for orders placed before 10am due to the process of bagging, packaging and dispatching.

Live stock orders must be signed for and will not be left in a safe place, therefore you must ensure that someone is available to accept delivery to prevent your order from being taking back to the sorting depot.

Unfortunately we are unable to post fish to Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and certain locations over Scotland due to APC couriers not being able to guarantee next day delivery. If orders are placed to these locations they will be cancelled and refunded.


Damaged goods on arrival must be reported straight away and photos to be sent within 2 hours of receiving. If dry goods are purchased with live stock these will be sent in the same parcel using Next Day delivery.

Free delivery over £50 only applies to orders of dry goods and frozen foods. Should your order contain livestock the usual postage fees will apply, unless over £150 in which your postage will be free.

If the total of dry goods value does not exceed this amount, your order will be cancelled or a payment for the additional postage costs will be requested.

Returns Policy

Returns are NOT accepted on all live stock. This includes invertebrates, corals, fish etc.

Returns on dry goods are limited to the product itself. If you wish to discuss a return please contact us.

Returns on foods can only be accepted if unopened, but please contact us first.


In the unfortunate event that an item is dead on arrival you must email us a photograph within 2 hours of receiving your order. We may also request a video to be sent to show none movement.

This allows us to review your claim and refund accordingly. Due to the nature of your purchase, should you not make contact within 2 hours, refund claims will not be considered.

Once your claim has been processed a refund will be honoured for the cost of the item EXCLUDING the cost of postage within 72 hours.

Please note that the acclimatisation process and how the livestock settle into your aquarium is your responsibility as this is out of our hands. There are a number of factors out of our control such as existing fish becoming aggressive towards your new additions, your new additions not taking well to their new water parameters, the stress of the journey was too much for the new additions. Therefore we are unable to cover the livestock once they have been delivered and introduced into your aquarium.

Refunds will NOT be considered if you miss delivery and your order is taken to the sorting office. Returns are not accepted on livestock.

Should you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


The livestock have been through a stressful time during their journey to their new home.

They have been in a dark box with reduced oxygen levels and lower water temperatures for around 24hrs, therefore it is normal for them to look discoloured with minimal movement.

Firstly, please start by slowly bringing the water temperature of the bags to the same temperature of your aquarium. This should take no more than 30 minutes.

Please then proceed to drip acclimatise the livestock. All fish can be acclimatised together but DO NOT acclimatise inverts or corals with the fish. These must be acclimatised separately.

We run copper and parasite treatment in our fish systems 24/7 therefore this water should not be mixed with the inverts or corals.

As we have copper traces in our systems DO NOT tip our water into your tank. Please net the live stock into your aquarium and dispose of our water.

Whilst we do everything we can to ensure the stock levels are as accurate as possible, from time to time items will become out of stock after your order has been placed. Should this happen we will do our best to contact you before shipping your order to see if you wish to substitute the item. If no substitute has been agreed we will refund the out of stock items and post the remaining items to you.


Please make sure you research any livestock additions before you make your purchase and introduce them to the aquarium. You can contact us if you have any queries regarding compatibility. We cannot be responsible if you add the wrong livestock to the aquarium so please do your homework! Wherever possible please quarantine your new arrivals. We cannot be held responsible for existing livestock or dry goods.