Nexus Superior Phosphate Remover

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Nexus is a superior lanthanum chloride phosphate remover that initiates a bond between calcium and phosphate to instantly trap and lock away phosphate.

On impact Nexus will create a foggy appearance; this is the reaction of the phosphates being locked away.

This will clear in approximately 20 minutes.

Once phosphate has been locked away it will remain insoluble until removed by mechanical filtration.

Nexus offers you a quick, simple and unique way to remove phosphates instantly without the need for any additional reactors or equipment.

Nexus is completely reef safe and will not harm inverts, corals or any aquatic life.


Shake well before use.

Add to a high flow area or into a filter sock/wool.

For high levels of PO4, it is recommended to dose 5ml per 100l of tank water daily until PO4 levels have reduced down to the desired level.

Once achieved desired PO4 level, it is advised to dose 5ml per 100l of tank water once a week to maintain the current level.

A 5ml per 100l of tank water will reduce the PO4 level by 0.05ppm.

Use measuring cup provided for accruate dosage.

Do not remove more than 1ppm of PO4 within a 24 hour period. Do not overdose.

Cellar Marine Aquatics takes no responsibility if dosing guidelines have not been followed,