Mastertronic Still Waiting....

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Mastertronic is a new water measuring device which fills the gap for demanding reef hobbyists with automated tests for other important parameters after Alkalinity which is done by Alkatronic.

Mastertronic will be able to measure Phosphate, Nitrate, Calcium and Magnesium, and an inbuilt possibility to include more in future updates. We are using existing reagents from the best kits on market and do the decision for you which one to use for which parameter, to get the most accurate results.

With an unique and specialized algorithm and state of the art photometric method, Mastertronic will give you much higher accuracy and precision than the test kit can do.

Mastertronic will also be able to communicate with our Dosetronic and perform necessary adjustments using our auto-correction features for specific dosing channels based on the measured parameters.


· Standalone water measuring device for: NO3, PO4, Ca, Mg, (possibility to include more in future updates)
· High accuracy and precision measurement
· Calendar based scheduled measurements for hassle free automation
· Connectivity: WiFi / Bluetooth (BLE)
· Cloud Server
· Compatible with Dosetronic for auto adjusting chosen channels based on measurements from Mastertronic.
· iOS and Android App
· Low mmaintenance required, like self priming, calibration in one step etc.
· Inbuilt mechanical and software failsafes for very high accuracy and safety, like anti-siphonic protection etc.
· Led stripes with information
· Based on state of the art Photometric technology, which means stepless and accurate measurements.
· Size: 30x25x26 cm

We are yet to know anymore about when these will be released!